Folding to Construct Shapes: Support Notes

  1. “Form” vs. “Construct”
    The teacher may wish to consider using the word “form” instead of “construct” as it appears throughout the problem (e.g., Construct a line segment that is perpendicular to your original segment). As in English, the word construct (i.e., construir, construire) evokes notions of erecting physical structures. “Form,” on the other hand, may help more clearly convey to the student that s/he is to manipulate, change the appearance of the sheet of paper.


  2. “Line” vs. “Line Segment”
    The trace below is a “line segment,” and is described as such in the problem. Be aware, however, that students might view the trace below as a “line,” and therefore become misled to think that “line segment” is something other than the image depicted. It may help to clarify the difference and similarity between the two words before beginning the problem (i.e., a line segment is an unbroken and bounded portion of a line; a line is infinite)