Finding Centers of Rotation: Support Notes

  1. *Localizaciónes vs. Ubicaciónes
    While a Spanish cognate exists for “Locations” (i.e., *localizaciónes), Spanish-speaking students may not be familiar with it, as it is used rather infrequently. The term “ubicaciónes” is more commonly used to express the English meaning of “locations.”
  2. “Line” vs. “Line Segment”
    Students are asked in this task to create and manipulate “line segments.” It may help to clarify the difference and similarity between a “line” and a “line segment.” That is, a line segment is an unbroken and bounded portion of a line; a line is infinite.
  3. Work
    “Work” is used in this task in the functional/operational sense (e.g., Bob’s cell phone doesn’t work). Some students may be more familiar with “work” as the    verb describing an activity in which one engages to achieve a purpose or result, or “work” as the synonym for a “job” or “employment.” You may find it helpful   to address how “work” is used in the context of the task.