Book chapters

  • Driscoll, M., Nikula, J., & DePiper, J.N. (2016) Mathematical Thinking and Communication: Access for English Learners. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann.
  • Moffett, G., Malzahn, K., & Driscoll, M. (accepted and in press). Multimodal communication: Promoting and revealing students’ mathematical thinking. Annual Perspectives in Mathematics Education (2014). Using Research to Improve Instruction. National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

This manuscript, accepted as a chapter for the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) 2014 volume of the Annual Perspectives in Math Education, uses project data to detail the significant role multimodal mathematical communication plays in helping students convey their mathematical thinking to others and conceptualize problems. Understanding and noticing the value of students’ use of multiple modes of communication, such as how students use gestures and illustrations in conjunction with language, is an important first step in executing this instructional practice. The manuscript outlines specific guiding questions teachers can use to plan and implement lessons that provide opportunities for students to wrestle with important mathematical ideas and communicate their thinking and reasoning using these different modes.

  • Driscoll, M., Heck, D., & Malzahn, K. (2012). Knowledge for teaching English language learners mathematics: A dilemma. In S. Celedón-Pattichis & N.G. Ramirez (Eds.), Beyond good teaching: Advancing mathematics education for ELLs (pp. 163-181). Reston, VA: National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Frameworks and tools from the chapter are adapted for your use and available through the following link:  Instructional Framework and Tools.pdf