Measuring Pastures: Support Notes

  1. A more common meaning of “cerca”
    In the word generation chart, “cerca” is provided as a Spanish and Portuguese translation for “fencing.” Note however that in Spanish and Portuguese, “cerca” is commonly used to express “near” or “nearby,” as well as “around” or “about.” The word derives from the Latin term, circa, commonly used in English to describe the date of an event.

    The book is near your desk.
    El libro está cerca de tu escritorio. (SP)
    O livro está cerca de tua carteira. (PT)

    He arrived to class around eight.
    Él llegó a la aula a las ocho. (SP)
    Ele chegou para a aula às oito. (PT) 

    *NB: In Portuguese, while “cerca” is used to express “near” or “nearby,” the word “perto” is more frequently used.