Finding Area in Different Ways: Support Notes

  1. Cartesian Coordinates vs. Geographical Coordinates
    This math task asks students to list the coordinates of various vertices on a Cartesian grid. Consider addressing the difference and similarity between Cartesian coordinates and geographical coordinates.  Students may be more familiar with the latter and become confused when prompted to list coordinates in the math task. A simple explanation of the two systems might include the following – Both types of coordinates are used for describing locations. Geographical coordinates are used to describe locations in terms of latitude and longitude on planet earth. Cartesian coordinates are used to describe locations on a two-dimensional surface or three-dimensional space.
  2. Count – “whether someone matters”
    Be aware that some students may confuse “to count” – the act of determining the total or sum of something – and “to count” – whether someone or something is valid, of import, or matters.


            Sally and Bob count by ten to one hundred.


            Sally says Bob’s answers shouldn’t count because he copied them from the Internet.