Finding Centers of Rotation: Warmup Problem

1.    When a point A is rotated around center of rotation P, it moves along a circular path.  The location of point A after being rotated depends on the amount of rotation.

For example, if A is rotated ¼ of the circular path around P, it arrives at the location of point C in the picture below:

A new point A’ is rotated 360 degrees (all the way) around center of rotation P.  Draw its path of rotation:


2.    If line segment is rotated around center of rotation P, which of the three line segments, j, k, and l, could represent how will look as it is being rotated?



3.   The quadrilateral on the left, below, is a rotation of the quadrilateral on the right.  Find the center of rotation.  Explain how you know it is the center of rotation.